Friday, May 7, 2010


Whoo hoo!! This is the first of hopefully many, many, tutorials!!!!

Products Used:

Oil of Olay Moisturizer
Bare Minerals Prime Time Face Primer
Mary Kay Mineral Foundation in Bronze One
Mary Kay Mineral Blush in Bronze Sands

Urban Decay Primer Portion
Revlon Creme Shadow in Skinlights (the brown one)
120 palette : silver gray, turquoise blue, and black
Jordana Eye Pencil in Black

Jordana Lip Pencil in Brown
Loreal Colour Juice in Passionfruit Squeeze

That is the whole ball of wax!!!! If you have any suggestions for color looks or tutorial requests please let me know!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lookin Sexier on the Low

Since I am no longer a slave to a certain cellular company *hip hip hooray*! I am now exploring other avenues of income.... I have tried selling make-up for a certain skin care company and that didn't work too well... Probably because I didn't like all the pressure that came along with this certain company.. So a very wonderful friend of mine told me about Ardyss International... This company sells wellness products and Body Shaping garments.. Now I know what you're thinking, "Body Shaping Thea? Seriously?"


This company does not sell Ya Mama's Girdle.... The Body Magic is THE BEST Body Shaper in the Universe!!!! This particular garment which I now own, helps you to drop 2-3 dress sizes in 10 mins!!! I kid you not this thing works!! I looked hotter than usual when I put it on!!!
It shrunk my waist, made me sit up straighter, and shrunk the thighs when I put it on. And it made the girls sit up high!!!! Now I am a curvy woman...(Not fat curvy)... and I look really good to have 3 kids under 8... But sometimes you need to hide certain body parts that come along with childbirth (Kangaroo Pouch), THIS HIDES IT!!! And 2 important things A) its breathe able.... you are not all pinned up sucked up and uncomfortable wearing this garment, B) you can still eat wearing this garment as well (VERY IMPORTANT)!!!

Now I have been wearing it for the last month and a half and I can comfortably say that I have dropped the 2 sizes while wearing the Body Magic but.... I have also dropped a size when I don't wear it... Yes, it has reshaped my little waist!!!

If you are looking to improve your shape and overall posture, this is the product for you!!!

Now comes the important part....the cost... regular retail for the Body Magic is $140.00 and well worth the cost... However I have a deal for you..... Hold a virtual show..(just tell your buddies to put your name in the comment section of their orders) and if you refer 2 people to purchase a Body Magic I will ship you one for FREE!!!!! And who doesn't like free stuff?!?!?!?

So check out the site and let me know what you think?!?!?

Also I will be reviewing all of the products on the site here on my blog!!!



Make Up Looks

So now that I have a little more time on my hands I have decided to put my skills as a self make up artist to work. I have vowed to put my makeup on EVERYDAY before I leave the house to put the kids on the bus. I will try different and bold colors everyday and post my creations here on my little blog.

My bestie Nedra thinks I have the talent to make it as a real other people *random* make up artist.... For now I am content with my self..

If you have any ideas on color combos you would like to see let me know...

Love Peace and Chicken Grease...